Speaker Recruitment, Confirmation and Management

Speakers are the heart and soul of an event. Not only does the speaker need to have the right expertise for a given presentation…he or she has to be a “good fit.” Persona and personality have to match the learning environment and educational design of a given event.

Once the “right” speakers are selected – speaker confirmation and management is a process to be handled with care. Ensuring the speakers and their assistants have all details for the event, addressing any special needs or requirements, and working closely with each speaker and each panel to be sure coordination is excellent is a must. It is imperative to keep in mind your speakers are exceedingly busy with their own careers – at Shippan Partners we are acutely aware of this and are committed to going the extra mile to be sure the speakers have an excellent, painless experience. After 26 years my speakers keep saying yes so it must work!

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