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Securing Qualified Speaking Opportunities

Speaker Recruitment & Management


Content development is the first crucial step to any successful event. Whether it be a two-hour roundtable for 10 or a three-day, multi-track event for 1000s, content is king. 

Shippan Partners will assist you in primary, secondary and competitive landscape research. From the research an overall theme is developed. Once the theme is agreed upon the curriculum can be built, sessions defined and an overall flow established. As the education design of the program is formulated we are ready for speaker recruitment.

Speaker Recruitment & Management

Securing Qualified Speaking Opportunities

Speaker Recruitment & Management


Speakers are the heart and soul of an event. Not only does the speaker need to have the right expertise for a given presentation…he or she has to be a “good fit.” Persona and personality have to match the learning environment and educational design of a given event.   

Once the “right” speakers are selected – speaker confirmation and management is a process to be handled with care. Ensuring the speakers and their assistants have all details for the event, addressing any special needs or requirements, and working closely with each speaker and each panel to be sure coordination is excellent is a must. 

Securing Qualified Speaking Opportunities

Securing Qualified Speaking Opportunities

Securing Qualified Speaking Opportunities


Speaking is an excellent vehicle for driving new business, cementing your personal brand, interfacing with your peers, recruiting and or being recruited.

Understanding the “best fit” platform is your talents is our talent. Whether it be a live event, webcast, roundtable or trade show, Shippan Partners can assist you in finding the right match to showcase your expertise and to achieve your business development goals.

Sponsorship Negotiations

On-Site Coverage & Community Building

Securing Qualified Speaking Opportunities


Sponsorships are an integral part of the event development process. On the sell-side major considerations include: Do you wish to have sponsor?  Are you willing to allow them to speak? What is your pricing plan?  Which benefits are you willing to allow? 

Now let’s flip the paradigm – you are the sponsor! Buy-side considerations may include: What deal sweeteners to ask for? If the sponsorship included a speaking opportunity – where on the agenda are you speaking? Can you build your own panel or will the event organizer build you panel? How many guests may you have? Will you receive the attendee list after the event? What information will this list include? What are the restrictions on list usage?

Event Marketing & Partnership

On-Site Coverage & Community Building

On-Site Coverage & Community Building


Go to market is crucial. Whether it is about “buts in seat” or digital attendees, being able to reach the target market is the difference between success and failure.

Digital marketing, email blasts, snail mail (yes, sometimes a post card is worth 1000 words), telemarketing, advertising, leveraging personal networks and more…

Partnerships with associations, publications, alumni groups and strategic relationships are a proven method to cultivate the desired audience.

Shippan Partners can help you compose a winning strategy for success.

On-Site Coverage & Community Building

On-Site Coverage & Community Building

On-Site Coverage & Community Building


With over three decades of event creation, development and management experience, we have seen it all the good the bad and the ugly.

Ensuring your speakers and guests are greeted, registered and attended to with the highest of care and concern makes the difference between “just another event” and a truly special and worthwhile experience.

The devil is in the details from dietary restrictions to a/v. Customer service matters. I once sewed a button on for a speaker!

Logistical Planning

Logistical Planning

Logistical Planning


Venue selection and/or the Digital Platform, is crucial to the design of the program. There  are many important considerations; budget, size of the event, break-out sessions, audio-visual needs, food and beverage plans. The right venue enhances the overall educational experience. Shippan Partners can ensure your venue “fits” your educational and business development goals.

Post Event Follow-Up

Logistical Planning

Logistical Planning


This is where the rubber meets the road and where most get a flat.

Post-event follow up makes the difference between securing new business or not. From thank you notes to following up on specific questions with thoughtful white papers/blogs/research or a phone call. We can help you follow up and follow through!

Continuing Education

Logistical Planning

Continuing Education


Program design is directly related to continuing education credit eligibility. Timing of sessions, content quality and speakers are the necessary foundation to qualify to earn credit. Shippan Partners will assist you in creating an event, which will be worthy of qualifying for continuing education credit.

Representative Clients

Corporate Counsel Business Journal – Managing Director - Programming, identify and pursue new revenue streams, content development, email marketing.  Create new events and webcast series.

Delta Capital Management – integrated marketing including; digital advertising, webcasts, placement of white papers, live events and partnership development. 

Women Corporate Directors Foundation (WCD) / BoardNext – Responsibilities for WCD and BoardNext, aspiring Directors (pilot launched 2016) include business development and strategic relationships. Over $400,000 in revenue generated. 

The Conference Board - Content development, marketing and sponsorship for executive level conferences including “Well Being in the Legal Profession,” “Digital Ethics and Compliance,” "Corporate Philanthropy" and more. 

American Lawyer Media – program creation, development, sponsorship sales, marketing and event execution.

Marsh FINPRO –  managed overall responsibility for managing, marketing and business development opportunities relating to the Securities Litigation D&O Panel Counsel

Marsh Center of Influence Initiative – identified , mapped and built relationship with COI’s including law firms, accounting firms, industry organizations/publications aligned with the Communication, Media & Technology and Real Estate Practices

Leadership Connect – served as Marketing Project Manager for a company transforming from print to data technology, new business development, created RPA/AI event as platform for Government-Tech interchange, support sales team via creating strategic partnerships, churn and recapture users,.

Cynthia Fields – Worked directly with Cindy Fields (former CEO of Victorias Secret) to launch a line of dresses for professional women, created pop up show room events, marketing and branding. 



Kimberly K. Fine 

Managing Director 

Shippan Partners LLC  

The true uniqueness of Kim’s professional talent lies in her keen understanding of the intersection between business development and executive education and how she is able to position her clients to seamlessly tie these two together.

Her philosophy is simple, executive education events are fantastic platforms for business development. The science is the content that is delivered – the art is in the before, the during and the after.

You name – she has done it! Over the past three decades, Kim has personally created, or overseen the production of more than 1500 events. These programs span the gamut of credentialing including: ISS, CLE, CPE, CME and CE.

Kim founded Shippan Partners in July, 2009. 

Prior to Shippan Partners, Kim created the first-ever ISS accredited, modular, customizable Board of Directors training program to be offered by an insurance broker. The training consisted of 26 substantive sessions ranging from Internal Investigations to IP to Crisis Management. The speakers’ bureau has more than 50 prominent experts.

She has worked extensively with General Counsel, Senior In-House Counsel, Managing Partners and Law Firm Executives to develop educational programs addressing leadership, law department and law firm management, financial analysis, risk assessment, litigation and liability.  

Previously, Kim was a Managing Director with ALM (formerly American Lawyer Media).  While at ALM, Kim worked very closely with the Editors for Corporate Counsel magazine, The American Lawyer, IP Law & Business and Law Firm Inc., creating events which extended their brands and brought their editorial to life. Kim created “The Definitive Management Series” – a suite of educational programs tackling issues faced by today’s law firm leaders. In addition, Kim served as the director of educational content for LegalTech, the world’s leading tradeshow for legal technology. 

Kim has also had a great deal of experience working with and/or for associations including the AICPA, the ABA and the NACD 

At her core, Kim is an entrepreneur. She and her two partners, together with angel investor, co-founded Fulcrum Information Services – an executive education company catering to many professional service sectors including law, accounting, finance, advertising and PR.

Community Involvement

Stamford Family YMCA

As a family we all volunteer for the Stamford Y our two oldest Nicole and Declan have served as camp counselors, volunteering their time in the summer to work with inner-city children.

My husband, Ray, and I have hosted numerous events as friend raiser and fundraiser with the goal of underwriting the summer camp. Our efforts were rewarded by being able to offer summer camp, at no cost to 200 plus children and their families that would have no other summer alternative.

Recipient of The United Way of Western Connecticut Award for Outstanding Volunteer Group


For the last ten years we have served as an “Angel Family.” We adopt a family and make sure they have a wonderful Christmas! 

Cornell University

25th Reunion Capital Campaign, Member of the Class Council – served one term, Alumni Interviewer

The King School, The Browning School, The Garden House School

Served in many capacities including; a board of trustee appointed marketing and communications committee, the Hockey Locker Room Project, various fundraising, team mom and class parent tours of duty.


Kim graduated from Cornell University with a B.S. in Statistics & Biometry. She earned an M.B.A. with honors from Fordham University. Kim has also completed coursework in Journalism from New York University.

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